Town Council Work on Management Plan

At this point, Town Council is debating a plan developed from a comprehensive plan submitted by Coastal Science and Engineering (CSE) in November 2011.  The plan is complicated, but basically divides the Coastal Forest into four zones, each managed in a different manner.  For complete details, see the link below:

Page 7 of the CSE Consultant Report

The plan envisions providing an increase in ocean views to the adjacent homeowners.  However, in “Principles for Management of the Town’s Accreted Land” adopted by Town Council in December 2009, the first principle states:

“1. The Town of Sullivan’s Island owns the accreted land that is protected by the deed restrictions with the Lowcountry Open Land Trust.  Every Town resident and property owner has a stake in the property, regardless of the location of that individual’s residence or property. (PROPOSED PRINCIPLES FOR MANAGEMENT OF THE TOWN’S ACCRETED LAND – December 15, 2009)

The Sullivan’s Islanders Group has been and will continue to be involved in the development of this plan and wants to encourage all conservation minded individuals and groups to join us in this effort.




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