The Origin & Purpose of the Coastal Forest

In 1991, eighty-seven acress of beachfront accreted land, now over 190 acres, were placed in a conservation easement for the purpose of conserving this land “…which has aesthetic, scientific, educational and ecological value in its present state as a natural area…” (State of South Carolina, County of Charleston title to Real Estate, 1991, paragraph 1).

This area has continued to develop into a Martime Coastal Forest of unparalleled natural beauty which provides a habitat for wildlife and contains a multitude of indigenous plants and trees.  The Town Council of Sullivan’s Island is debating a “Management Plan” for this area.  We want to encourage the Council to maintain this land in its natural state as a benefit to ALL of the residents of our island.  The Sullivan’s Islanders Group is dedicated to this important goal.

Lowcountry Open Land Trust – Post & Courier, February 15, 2011

A step back in maritime: Taking a closer look at Sullivan’s accreted land
Island Eye News – Oct. 15, 2010


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