The Sullivan’s Islanders Group

A Conservation & Preservation Group

The Sullivan’s Islanders Group is a group of residents whose goals are:
* To maintain and improve quality of life for all its citizens through the safeguarding of our lands, maritime forests and beaches.
* To prevent the over-development of commercial and private properties.
* To protect historic homes and public structures through conscientious preservation.

Our Election is May 4th

Our May 4th election may be one of the most important in our town’s history.

Over the next few weeks, we will be communicating with you via email and on this website pertinent information about the election.

First, we urge you to read this commentary written by Steve Bailey at the Post and Courier newspaper. It’s entitled “Sullivan’s Island at a tipping point: A community or a commodity?” and it sums up how our next election “will tell us a lot about what’s left of the soul of this magical village by the sea.”

When you go to the polls on May 4th, please vote for those candidates who favor conservation.


Hal Currey
Hannah Heyward
Howard Holl
Joe Harrison
Julia Khoury
Larry Kobrovsky
Rita Langley
Tita Massie
Larry Middaugh



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