Our Comments on the Consultant’s Management Plan

The Sullivan’s Islanders Group feels that there is much of value in both the comprehensive CSE proposed management plan and in the plan being considered at present by the Town Council.  The removal of harmful, invasive, foliage species; the removal of dead undergrowth; and providing transition zones between adjacent homeowners and the Coastal Forest are positive moves.  Putting the management in the sole hands of the Town will ensure a consistent and enforceable plan which has been lacking on many occasions.

Trees illegally cut down on Sullivan’s Island
The Moultrie News – July 24, 2008

Of course, “the devil is in the details” and we think many aspects of the plan are overly destructive and in some areas have the potential to adversely impact the health of the forest.  We have offered, and will continue to offer, constructive alternatives to those aspects of the plan that we feel need further consideration.  One example we advocate is rotational pruning plan in areas of the Myrtle Scrubs, rather than large non-continuous clear cutting envisioned in some areas of the developing maritime forest.

Rotational pruning provides balance in accreted land
Island Eye News – Nov. 12, 2010


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